Sample Projects

Mid-stream Energy Project

Mid-Stream Energy Project

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Lump sum piping commissioning subcontract, earned value dispute. Involving various work packages for several process systems

Affordable Housing Dispute

A project delay dispute associated with workmanship deficiencies arose between a general contractor and a municipal housing authority involved in constructing a multi-suite three-storey complex.
Affordable Housing Dispute


Civil Project

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Civil contractor installing massive retaining wall foundation system for a multi-national corporation.

Commercial Plaza Renovation

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Major exterior facade upgrades and interior renovations to a retail plaza.
Richmond Sq

Piling & Caissons

Civil Experience - Piling & Caissons

The civil project involved a slope stabilization project for the installation of micropiles, caisson piles, tie-back anchors and shotcrete to protect the integrity of a public walking trail servicing a housing community to an adjacent green space.

High-Rise Office

Scope of Work Dispute and Schedule Delay Claim


Envelope subcontractor impacted by various root causes on multi-storey urban high-rise office project.
resized 2-skyrise

Work Housing Dispute

Cost and Scope of Work Housing Dispute


A dispute arose between a home renovation Contractor and the Owner after a verbal quote was provided by the Contractor for a significant scope of work.


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The museum features extensive gallery spaces angled onto a unique set of beetle pine timber 7-beam nodal trusses, two classrooms, a 60-seat Family Theatre, research and collections areas.
Philip Currie Dinosaur Museum

Hotel Dene - Cold lake


Commercial Management Support

This 139 room Casino Hotel was a turnaround project effort involving KGC to assist First Nations Band Council.

Bridge Replacement

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This replacement bridge was a new 7-span steel girder structure resting on concrete caissons, grade beams and concrete diaphragm wall end bracing.


Civil Structure

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Flood Handling Upgrade in Southern Alberta. This project consisted of a new 42m x 84m long concrete-reinforced sloped spillway structure with interlocking sloped slabs, wing walls, raised and depressed chute and basin accessories.