KGC Consulting Services Ltd. is a Calgary based company offering expert services in Commercial Management, Construction and Energy Dispute Litigation Support and Project Management Collaboration. We are experienced in both local and international projects, backed by a well rounded team of qualified industry professionals with a strategic solutions based approach. We are designed to help your company enhance organizational process, mitigate risk or recover financial losses.

The Main Problem with contract management is that executives have not taken it seriously (UK National Audit Office, September 2014)

Increased Focus is demonstrating the impact of managing contracts

  • Financial - an average of 9.2% of annual revenue
  • Reputation - up to 40%  impact on net satisfaction
  • Innovation - average 3x higher margin

The growth of organizational interdependency demands stronger relationships, underpinned by the discipline and definition provided by contract management.

Commercial Management

Identify and develop business opportunities and the profitable management of projects and contracts from inception to completion

Construction and Energy Dispute Litigation Support

External independent or impartial litigation support, for the construction and energy industries or legal profession, involving reviewing and analysis of all contract documents & correspondence. Engagement with the project team, exhibit preparation and the production of contract notice letters and expert reports associated with various contract disputes

Project Management Collaboration

The mutual development stakeholder alignment of the project in a cost effective manner from conception through to execution

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